Test Post Lesson 1

Question 1

What is our only hope in life and death?


That we are not our own but belong to God.

Memory Verse:

“For none of us lives to himself. For if we live we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether live or whether we die. We are the Lord’s.”
Romans 14;7-8

Outline for lesson 1

  1. Open in prayer & then pass out books and explain what catechism means.
  2. Activity: Ask children, what story are these sentences from:
    • The princes’s only hope was to find the owner of the glass slipper. (Cinderella)
    • The rabbit’s only hope was that Mr. Mc Gregor would not find him in the watering can. (The Tale of Peter Rabbit)
    • The children’s only hope was Aslan. (The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe)
    • Ask: What does “their only hope” in the stories mean?
    • Answer: hope often involves trusting somebody or something.
    • Introduce question 1 and the answer
  3. Read Romans 14:7-12.
    • Ask what does verse 8 mean? What does it mean to belong to the Lord? Is it good or bad? Help children to see that most people believe their lives are their own. The Bible tells us everything that we are and have belong to God.

      The Bible says that those who do not believe in Jesus are slaves to sin. In order for slaves to be freed, a price must be paid for their release. Jesus paid the ultimate price for sinners by sacrificing his own life and paying the price for sin on the cross. The Bible says that those who are adopted into God’s family have been bought at a great price, and now their lives belong to God. Tell the children that being God’s child is the most wonderful way to live life. It’s the most joyful, freeing and fulfilling.

      Read verse 12, explain that everyone will answer to God for how they have lived their lives. We are in God’s family because we believe Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose again. We should want to live fully for him. We trust God in life and death, knowing that he is with us and that he alone is where our certain hope is found.