Week 6 – How can we glorify God?


How can we glorify God?


By loving him and by obeying his commands and law.

Memory Verse:

“You shall therefore love the Lord your God and keep his charge, his statutes, his rules, and his commandments always.” – Deuteronomy 11:1

Outline for lesson

  1. Open in prayer. Review last weeks question and answer.
  2. Print out or write all questions & answers from lessons 1 – 5. Hang up all the questions on different corners and walls of a room. Fold all the answers up and have the children pick a folded answer. They look at the answer and try match it to the correct question.
  3. Intro: Ask the children if they are a fan of a sports team. Let them tell you what team or sport they are a fan of. Ask them if there are ways someone could tell they were a fan (clothing, bragging about wins, going to games, etc.) Ask them how huge fans act when they are at a game (shouting, cheering, singing songs and chants). This glorifies a team. Tell the children when we glorify people, it tells them how great they are or praise them we do this to tell them how much we love them. Glorifying means giving praise. Introduce question and answer 6. Explain that this question will help us to Glorify God in our lives. It will be different than glorifying our favorite team. But, it will be by loving God, praising him, serving him and telling others about him.
  4. Read: Deuteronomy 11:1-13. As they or you read the verses have them identify the mighty acts of God. Show them how God cares for them, protects them, and how He saves his people.Let them know that Moses wrote this book to help the people understand that their love for God should be characterized by obedience, telling others about Him, and by committing to one another. He was showing them how to glorify God. Let them know that obedience to God is our response because we love God. It brings Him glory.
  5. Remind: children that glorifying God is giving Him praise and honor and telling others of His greatness. God doesn’t need to be glorified. Glorifying God is part of being in a loving relationship With Him. That is what God wants from all of us.

Ask questions, practice Q&A and end in prayer

  1. What would it look like if you were more focused on glorifying God?
  2. Do you struggle to give God glory, honor, and praise?
  3. Is it hard to obey God?