Week 26 – What else does Christ’s death redeem?


What else does Christ’s death redeem?


Every part of fallen creation.

Memory Verse:

“For in Him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through Him to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of His cross.” – Colossians 1: 19-20

Main Idea:

Help children understand that all of creation will be renewed through Jesus’s death.

Outline for lesson

  1. Open in prayer: Lord, we are so grateful for Your amazing plan of salvation for Your world.
  2. Review Activity: Print out Q26 Recap Memory Game.This is a memory game. Cut out and arrange all the questions and answers and place them in a grid form so the words are facing down. Take turns trying to match the questions with the correct answers. 
  3. Introduction: Ask, What are some of your favorite places, animals, things in this world ( planets, stars, etc.)? Explain that there are so many beautiful things in this world, but they are not as beautiful as God had originally created for this world. Everything has been effected by sin. Sin effects all of God’s creation.
    Ask, what do you think our world would have looked like without sin?
  4. Game:
    Introduce question 26, What else does Christ’s death redeem? Jesus’s death redeemed people but also creation. Prep game, you will need three pieces of paper. On the first sheet write “Creation” and place the paper on left side of room. Sheet two write “Redemption” and tape it on the right side of the room. On the last piece of paper write “Fall” and place it in the middle of the room. As you read the below verses ask the children to run to the part of the room that the verse represents. Start slow and increase speed each time.
    Genesis 1:1 Creation
    Romans 8:21 Redemption
    Genesis 3:6 Fall
    Genesis 1:28 Creation
    Genesis 3:24 Fall
    Colossians 1:20 Redemption
    End by saying the three big categories in the Bible are Creation, Fall, Redemption.
  5. Draw: Fold a piece of paper in thirds and at the left write “Creation”, middle write “fall”, and top right write “redemption”. Let the children draw pictures to represent all three.
  6. Read: Romans 8:20-22. After reading ask, what do you think this verse is saying about creation?
    Point out that Adam’s sin caused death and decay to the world. Look up what it says about creation in Genesis 3. Right now the world is waiting to be renewed. It is groaning in anticipation. God has promised that he will renew the earth. Jesus’s death renews every part of sin in humans and creation. Read Colossians 1:18-20. Remind them that God’s mission in Christ it to reconcile all thing to Himself for His glory.
  7. Recite: Help children memorize this week’s verse, question and answer.