Week 20 – Who is the Redeemer?


Who is the Redeemer?


The only Redeemer is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Memory Verse:

“For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” – 1Timothy 2:5

Main Idea:

Help children understand that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer and that he alone can secure their freedom from sin.

Outline for lesson

  1. Open in prayer: I owe You a debt that I can not pay back. Thank You for sending Jesus to take my place and paying my debt.
  2. Review Activity: Write 1 – 19 on a piece of paper. As a family see if you all can work together and say all the questions and answers. Cross out the number on the paper if you are able to recite it as a team.
  3. Introduction: explain that people borrow money from others, friends, family, and the bank. When we borrow money we are called debtors. Debtors repay the money back to the person they borrowed from. Long ago If you can’t pay the money back the debtor would have to go into a debtor’s prison. They would be locked up till they could pay it back. Why wouldn’t they be able to ever pay the money back? (Because they are in prison) Can you think of a way to get out of debtor’s prison? If someone could pay the debt for you, they would be able to set the prisoner free. This person is called a redeemer. Who is our redeemer? (Jesus). Introduce question and answer 20. We all owe a debit that we cannot pay back. What do we need to be freed from sin? (The Redeemer).

    Activity: have everyone draw their most precious possession. Have them tell you what the drawing is and why this is the best thing they have. After everyone explains their drawings, take their cards and tell them you have just stolen their favorite thing. They can’t call the police. They have to pay a ransom to get it back. Ask them if they would pay $5 to get it back, $10, increase the dollar amount until you have reached their limit. Give them their drawings back and tell them that redemption is costly.
  4. Read:
    1Timothy 2:1-7. After reading ask these questions:
    How did God provide a way out of captivity?(Jesus payed for our sins)
    *Who is our redeemer?(Jesus)
    *Is there only one God and Mediator?(Yes, there is only one possible way to be freed from sin and have a relationship with God.)
    *Is God loving and just? ( Yes, he loves us and wants us to be saved, but He is perfect and has to punish sin. Someone has to pay the price for sin.
    Why is Jesus the only one that can pay for our sins? (He perfectly obeyed God)
  5. Recite: practice memorizing question and answer to lesson 20.