Week 15 – Since no one can keep the law, what is its purpose?


Since no one can keep the law, what is its purpose?


That we may know the holy nature of God, and the sinful nature of our hearts; and thus our need of a savior.

Memory Verse:

“For by works of the law no human being will be justified in His sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin.” – Romans 3:20

Outline for lesson

  1. Open in prayer Thank You for for Your law. Help me to see and understand the purpose of the law. Help us to glorify You.
  2. Review Activity: Randomly say to the children the questions or answers to 12, 13 and 14. Have the children recite the other part to you.
  3. Introduction: have everyone go into the bathroom and look at mirror. Ask them what they see, then ask, what is a mirror used for? Then with a whiteboard marker write very big on the mirror “ THE LAW”. Explain that the law of God is like a mirror for the the believer. The mirror shows what we look like on the outside, but the law shows us what we look like on the inside of our hearts. Introduce and read question 15. Explain that this question will allow them to understand the purpose of the law. They have seen that the law is like a mirror and reveals our hearts, but the law also shows us God’s character.
  4. Read:
    Romans 3:19-20. After reading the verses, tell the children “For all of us that are believers, the law guides us on how to live.” One way we can glorify God is by obeying his commandments.
    ask: What does the law reveal about us? What does it reveal about God?
  5. Activity: Read the 10 commandments and write down what each commandment reveals about God’s character.
    Ask: Do you think the law can help you glorify God?
  6. Remind: children, that God’s law shows us how holy God is, and it shows us how unholy we are. Look at all the character qualities of God and think of a song that you can all sing together glorifying God.
  7. Recite: practice memorizing the question and answer to lesson 15.